about tot

What is up with the name?

The name Tot is a play on the Vietnamese word tốt which means 'good'.

What about vegan or gf diners?

Vegetarian, vegan, and gf all have lots of dining options here.  Just let us know!

What's Tot all about?

Food.  Good food.  

Good food made from scratch.  

From the bone broth, to the hoisin or various chili pastes, egg noodles in the soup, even down to the soda-pop; we make it.

I heard you serve phở?

Beef pho is our special on Fridays.  We work on the broth throughout the week, and then serve it until it runs out on Friday.  Yeah, we call it Pho Friday.

We also have vegetarian pho available everyday.

Tot is all about good food.  We loosely call it Southeast Asian, but some people focus more on the Vietnamese bent. It's French-trained chef/owner Andrew Will cooking the food that he likes to eat and made for years just for his family and friends.  Don't overthink it; just try it.